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GO Big! GO Surabaya! GO Now!

SURABAYA, 2nd largest city of INDONESIA
City population 3 million; East Java province 40 million


1. What does


SiB offers business advisory & trade facilitation services for end-to-end market access into Indonesia generally & specifically into city of Surabaya & East Java province of 40 million population. Surabaya is the gateway to neighboring major cities & provinces to reach out to a combined population of over 100 million in the mid-eastern Indonesia.

2. What is

target clientele?

Market access into Indonesia for the SMEs from around the globe, the challenges can be overwhelming. SiB can help you shortening your learning curve, speed up market entry at reduced cost & investment, at lower risk with in-depth local knowledge. Most important, once you operate locally, you will gain valuable market insights to explore more opportunities! Together with SiB, overseas business expansion into Indonesia becomes possible for SMEs with limited resources!

3. In what areas can

assist you?

  • Import Permits
  • Cross-Border Logistics
  • Stock Centre & Distribution

can arrange for your products to be landed in Indonesia to reach out to distributors, resellers & buyers nationwide, instead of just relying solely on 3rd party importers.

SiB with its own importer license, can apply for the various import & other permits as well as certification process on your behalf, needed to import your products, cleared customs at major ports in Indonesia, store & distribute your products to the designated distributors, resellers & buyers throughout the country nationwide, without the hassle of looking for 3rd party importers to start your Indonesian business expansion. Be your own importer to have full control over the market development & drive your growth strategy!

  • Sales & Office Support
  • Exhibitions & Promotions
  • Distributors & Business Matching

can provide sales & office support services to help you hire your local sales & technical teams, in order to promote your products /services, expand your distributors & resellers network and build strong brand image locally.

To ensure sustainable success, you should have full control over your local teams to develop the market you want and to learn the depth & width of the market to explore more opportunities on the ground. SiB can provide the sales & office support function, as well as to assist you with your promotional activities, whether participating at local trade & consumer exhibitions or simply promoting at shopping malls and organizing business events to support your products/services launching & business matching. You can leave the other administrative back office function to us.

  • Stock Replenishment Centre & Distribution for Online Selling

You can manage your ONLINE market place remotely from your home country, while manages the local stock replenishment centre & distribution for you.

To support your online selling, SiB can manage your local stock replenishment centre, where minimum quantity of stock are kept at local warehouse to speed up deliveries & distributions. SiB will act upon your advice for delivery & distribution destinations nationwide, while updating you on daily/weekly movement & stock position.

  • Import & Export Cargo Consolidation

can consolidate your imports direct from source origination country and re-repackaging to keep full confidentiality of your import origination source.

Depending on the products & in compliance with the local rules & regulations, SiB can provide re-packaging services of your imported products under your brands before distribution to the market.

can consolidate your export buying from various local suppliers & manufacturers while keeping full confidentiality of your export destinations.

To protect your overseas market from the local suppliers & manufacturers as well as to facilitate smaller quantity buying from several sources, SiB can consolidate your export cargo & ship to your export destinations.

Indonesia middle class is fast growing; do you want to include INDONESIA to be part of your future growth strategy?

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and it is a member of G-20. Being 16th largest economy in the world in 2019, it is poised to be among the 10 world largest economies in the next 15 years and world 4th largest economy by 2050.

Why Surabaya & East Java, instead of Jakarta?

With regional autonomy where provincial governments decide the minimum wages and the infrastructure of trans-Java almost completed, this has the huge effect of distributing economic growth evenly to other regions of Indonesia.

The planned re-location of the new Indonesia capital city to the mid-eastern region of Indonesia has been targeted at 2024. Surabaya, being closer to the new capital city geographically, with its 2nd largest port & established business hub & infrastructure, will be in a strategic position to tap into the higher growth of these regions.

Business Growth Strategy

Include Indonesia in your middle to long-term business growth strategy to tap into its huge growth potential. It is a challenging task but you need to stay ahead of your competition. Sales through 3rd party importers or “back-doors” channels or even courier, only support short-term strategy.

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